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We are both mind and body, thus both need to be attended to, to promote general well being. Approximately ninety five percent of brain activity is unconscious. My aim is to aid people to become more aware of themselves and enable them to access the tools and resources needed for positive, permanent change by creating new neural pathways - neuro plasticity, thus helping them to become their true self.


I do this using a variety of proven psychodynamic methods involving mind body connections.

I specialise in Burnout and Chronic Fatigue, I am a fully qualified Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist



I specialise in treating Burnout and Chronic Fatigue including stress related conditions.

These debilitating states can sometimes be misdiagnosed as depression or anxiety. They can also produce physical symptoms that can further complicate diagnosis which can result in further stress leading to more exhaustion.

I treat these using a combination of sleep and stress reduction followed by the balancing of rest/effort which in turn helps to rebuild self esteem.


Psychotherapy uses psychodynamic methods to help people feel better improve mood and come to greater understanding of themselves whilst learning personal and interpersonal coping strategies.

Sometimes this needs to bring something back to consciousness which can be worked through in a safe caring and confidential environment.

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Hypnotherapy facilitates healing healing through a mind body intervention. During hypnosis the client will be in an altered state of consciousness which is completely natural. You may enter similar states several times a day automatically such as when you're engrossed in something like art, reading or even when watching your favourite tv programme. Hypnotherapists utilise this state for therapeutic purposes.

It can help with a whole host of physical and psychological symptoms or conditions. 

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